Can I Check Someone's Facebook Messages Without Them Knowing

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Never Ever Try to Hack anyones FB account, Revenge and Karma is a bitch Man! Hacking Facebook account is not cool, Stay away from it.

Keylogger is a program that is suspicious and records your strokes. It will give him two choices either to get the password via your email address or the link to reseting your password be sent to you via email which will not be possible as only you have access to that. I want to know if a person is checking my facebook page and is not a friend? How to check someones messages on facebook? Security Question – Too easy for the Intruder  The security question will be displayed to him like. How can i check someones text messages on their phone without them knowing it?

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No longer have Easy Way to Tap Into Someones Phone With Your access to these – As they Dont have your Password. how c I log into his facebook accountand him not no?

To answer the question . 29 . This method can be used by someone very close to you and who has access to your smartphone.

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Was this answer helpful? However it is impossible to monitor Facebook messages without installing the necessary app – so in order to do such a thing you need to get a mobile spy app on the target device.